How to Buy Burial Insurance

Are you wondering, “How do I buy burial insurance?”

If so, you have come to the right place. Burial insurance is simplified life insurance, typically purchased by those between 45 to 85 years of age.
Burial insurance is easy to qualify for, requires no physical exam or bloodwork, and often takes effect immediately – providing value for those who have to take care of your final expenses when the time comes.

But how do I buy burial insurance?

The best way to find quality burial insurance, really, is to use the services of an INDEPENDENT burial insurance agent.
They can represent different insurance carriers and certain carriers offer the best price for different existing health conditions.
Did you just have a heart attack 13 months ago? One carrier will give you first-day coverage, while all of the rest will make you wait for 2 years for full coverage.

Do you use Oxygen? Only one carrier will write you a policy.
It is important, then, to use an independent insurance agent for finding the best policy for you at the best price. If you went to a New York Life agent, for example, he can only write New York Life. If you go to Allstate, they can only write you an Allstate policy. Same goes for State Farm, Farmers, etc. etc.

Go independent and get the best policy, with first day coverage, at the lowest possible price for burial insurance.

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how to buy burial insurance

How to buy burial insurance – it’s easy!

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