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is vital to protecting your loved ones from the too-often unexpected realities of life.

Burial insurance is a real God-send to a family who learns of a sudden, unexpected death. When they learn that their loved one has passed away, there is the grief and horror of the moment, then there is the reality that sets in as to how to take care of the financial obligation that now befalls the family members left behind.

Burial insurance help

Help with burial insurance is what we do, in all 50 states. We help families plan for what is truly expected, yet so many folks simply do not plans for the inevitable. Unfortunately, burial insurance is the last thing thought about, in many cases, until it is literally too late.  When a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal condition, or even transferred to hospice care, that is when some folks determine that it is time to make plans for burial insurance. The sad part is that insurance companies treat this situation as if you’re trying to insure a house for property insurance when it is already on fire – it’s impossible to do.

 Best time for burial insurance

The absolute best time to purchase burial insurance is when you do not immediately need it. The rates are very reasonable and can fit into any budget. Even having a small, $5,000 or $10,000 burial insurance plan is better than leaving the family with $0 and leaving them to pass the hat around. Depending on your age, that $10,000 policy could be $30 a month or $70 per month. The other factor to consider is the health at the time of application. It is always best to apply early, but again, having something is definitely better than having nothing when it comes to burial insurance.

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