Best Medicare Insurance

How does one find the best Medicare Supplement policy? How about the best company or best Medicare Supplement plan letter?

It is usually best to rely on the expertise of an indepedent broker. This is because the services of a Medicare broker does not cost money. It actually can save quite a bit of money.

Often, seniors will respond to a piece of mail that arrived from one particular insurance company. Or, they may respond to a television commercial from someone famous. Not knowing what they don’t know, they will believe that this plan must be “as good” as all of the rest and, since it’s right here in front of them, they might as well sign up.

The reality is that signing up for the first plan you see, or the one that has spent the most about of money to get in front of your eyeballs the most often might mean two things.

  1. You are buying the most expensive policy in the market because you do not have someone comparing ALL of the plans for you and;
  2. You do not have someone on your side to explain exactly how the benefits work and answer your questions. If you call into their typical 800 number, you will usually find a massive call center with no ability to actually create a relationship.

An alternative to this process is to seek out a reputable Medicare insurance broker that does not charge a fee for the help, guidance, and enrollment process into the best Medicare product for you.

Medicare can be so confusing. The television ads, shown seemingly non-stop, ads to this confusion when they purport to offer all kinds of benefits, tell you to get “all of the benefits you are entitled to”, only for callers to find out that the benefit list they repeat, over and over again on their TV commercials, typically only exist in very small segments of the United States and not in their location.

For an independent (can represent all companies and all plans) Medicare insurance broker, we recommend the Senior Savings Network out of Charleston, South Carolina. Licensed all over the United States, the owner has more than 25 years of insurance experience and a staff of qualified, trained reps who have the singular goal of HELPING.

There are no sales quotas there, there is no push into any plan or plan type. They listen, first, to your experiences, interests, and background, then they look up all available plans and plan types in your area. Then, they explain what is available and make a recommendation, based on your particular situation. They charge nothing for their service and they operate 365 days a year, not just during the “Medicare Season” when all of the call centers ramp up.

The phone number for the Senior Savings Network is 1-800-729-9590.
We encourage you to check out their online reviews – you will be glad you did.

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